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Boy 8-Bit – Yard Birds EP

‘I am a young man who makes records on his computer.
My name comes from the fact I used to use an Amiga to make music – they used to use 8-Bit samples. I was young at the time.. Hence Boy 8-Bit. It has stuck ever since… Not because I make 8-Bit music. This seems to annoy a few people.’ – Boy 8-Bit

Boy 8-Bit està que no para, ja ha tret 3 EP’s en lo que portem d’any i ara torna amb Yard Birds, un autèntic hit de 6 minuts! L’acompanya una cara B anomenada From The Depths.

Turbo 086 – Yard Birds / From The Depths by boy8bit

I entre Ep i Ep, ha estat remixant a gent de la talla de Memory Tapes, Run Hide Survive o Jokers Of The Scene, però sens dubte em quede amb la joia que va transformar del tema Donut de M.A.N.D.Y. & Booka Shade